Lambert Still Talking AMA Act, Dissed by CBS This Morning


Adam Lambert’s controversial AMA performance and cancellation on Good Morning America by ABC is one thing, but throw CBS in the mix and we’ve got a whole new ball game!

All this press should mean huge first week sales for the former Idol runner up.

CBS’ The Early Show looked like the hero when they saved Lambert and invited him over to perform after being axed by ABC for this morning, but they pulled some crap of their own during the broadcast.

When asked by The Early Show about kissing his male guitarist during the performance, he says he think’s he’s being picked on for “being a gay male” and if it was female popstars doing it people wouldn’t look down upon it.

The Early Show then showed both a clip of Adams kiss, and the Britney Spears/ Madonna kiss of VMA’s past.  Only thing was, they blurred out Adam and his guitarist’s face in the pic!

Pot…meet kettle!!!



Basically they are saying “we agree with ABC, but f*ck it we’ll take the ratings if they are going to pass on them.”

As for the male/male kiss… Adam’s guitarist isn’t even gay, and wasn’t expecting the kiss during the performance!  Lambert recently told MTV News;

“During rehearsal, I grab him by the hair and kind of just looked at him.  He’s straight. He just, I guess, didn’t mind getting kissed in the name of entertainment on stage.”

Has anyone spoke with this guy yet?

In the end, Adam can kick his feet up and breathe in the success.  This press will come and go, more good and bad will come and go, but his fans will never stop supporting him


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