50 Cent Squashes Beatle’s EX in New Rap

50 cent

It would be quite interesting to see multi-million dollar rapper 50 Cent asking Paul McCartney for an autograph on an airplane… and it actually happened!

The Beatles legend had no idea who 50 was at the time, and agreed to sign for him, but he will learn who he is shortly, as 50 has namechecked McCartney in one of his new songs, titled Do You Think About Me.

The bad part is… Sir McCartney might not be too pleased with the reference.

Raps 50; “It’s like Paul McCartney stuck in my head/fell in love with a b-tch walked away with one leg/she ain’t even have to run to get away with the bread/that’s some f–ked up sh-t/think about that kid.”

McCartney was once married to amputee gold digger, Heather Mills

Then again, maybe McCartney will like it, given the circumstances?

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