Did JFK Go Boating With Naked Ladies? Maybe, But This Photo’s A Fake


Or did somebody do a really good photoshop job?

TMZ thinks not. They’ve released an image of JFK cavorting on a boat with naked women frolicking around him. The picture – said to be dated around 1950 – ┬ámay have been taken on a 2 week boat trip in the Mediterranean that the known-to-be-a- skirtchasing politician took (while still a Senator, not the President) in August 1956 – while his pregnant wife Jackie stayed at home and gave birth to a stillborn. Ouch.

We’re thinking the picture looks pretty real. Now if Tiger Woods was on board that love boat, we’d be crying ‘fake!’

UPDATE: The photo’s a total fake. It was published as a color photo in Playboy in the ’60s, and TMZ have retracted their claims it’s JFK. Oops!

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