It’s Been A Couple Hours, Here’s Some More Jersey Shore Controversy


Man, those irate Italian Americans just won’t let this whole Jersey Shore thing go. First, they tried to get MTV to cancel it by appealing to their sense of decency, which didn’t work, because if  police car dashboard videos of celebs vomiting on the ground got good ratings, MTV would air them three nights a week. Now, they’re going after that class joint where the kids work selling them pretty t-shirts and thongs.

State Senator Joseph Vitale, who wrote this letter, has now asked New Jersey state labor officials to investigate the Shore Store. For what?! Violating child labor laws? To look at them, the Jersey Shore cast members are all 35. And they’re being fairly compensated. In addition to minimum wage and a discount on shirts, they can iron on all the words they want for free. Hey, make a hot pink tank top that says “I Hate Fun” and send it to Mr. Vitale. Actually, don’t bother. He won’t wear it anyway. (He hates fun.)

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