Rosie O’Donnell Would Like You To Meet… Tracy


It seems as if Kelli and Rosie are no more. The longtime lovebirds – who allegedly broken up earlier this year have gone their separate ways. And skirt-chasing Rosie has found a new lov-ah called Tracy!

She confirmed her new lesbian lov-ah on her blog, where they met. (Tracy was a Rosie fan.) A “blogger” asks:

So Ro, your new lady friend is the gal that had her picture taken with you on a jet ski in Miami a couple of months ago, right? The one that was “just a friend”. Best of luck to both of you.

And replied a “happy” Rosie in her signature haiku:


she was on the jet ski

in miami”

Some more information about Tracy: She is a mother with six kids (most who have special needs), a writer, a doula, a philanthropist who gives to many charities, and an inventor who created The Sleep Tight Wedge for babies!

Go, Rosie!

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