Angelyne Wants to Sample Puff Daddy’s Wealth


Bad Boy Films, which sounds like a producer of poor quality gay porn but is actually Puff Daddy‘s film studio, is being sued by Angelyne. If you don’t know who Angelyne is, you’re either not from Los Angeles or you are but have never been outside and looked up. She’s this 700-year-old shriveled pink-Corvette-driving barely-breathing punchline who’s famous for plastering Los Angeles with billboards advertising nothing beyond the fact of her (tenuous) existence. Anyway, this bag is trying to pry some scrilla from Puff’s pockets because the Biggie biopic, Notorious, features a 12-second-shot of one of her billboards.

“At no time has Angelyne authorized any of the defendants to reproduce, adapt or distribute any image containing her copyrighted billboard for use in the `Notorious’ motion picture, a a result of the billboard’s use in the film, Angelyne claims she has suffered “loss of reputation and standing in the community.”
The community? What community? The gangster rap community? The showbiz community? Or some sort of third, unspecified community where you had reputation and standing? Is there a billboard fame-whore community? Do MTV reality stars look down on it?

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