Wizard’s Arenas in Deep Following Gun Drama


Kinda fitting considering he plays for a team that used to be called the Washington Bullets, but Gilbert Arenas is in some deep doo-doo over the guns found in his locker.

After a Christmas day scuffle in the locker room that lead him and a teammate to draw guns on one another, Arenas has his locker searched, where police found four handguns, including a gold desert eagle.

Gilbert could face CPWL (Carrying pistol without license) and also assault charges from the fight alone.

No word on why coach Flip Saunders allows this type of behavior in the locker room, but DC police are getting to the bottom of it.

Arenas, has apparently been pulling the race card, saying he needed the guns for protection and that he grew up in a rough neighborhood.

As it turns out, he went to Grant High School, a nice school in the North Hollywood section of the San Fernando Valley.

Can’t believe there isn’t a no weapons policy during any and all team functions, he could be in big troubs if the Wizards GM has any brains.

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