OK, Fine, Jimmy Kimmel Was Really Funny Last Night


Comedy is commitment. Jimmy Kimmel hosted his entire show as Jay Leno last night. It started out funny, then you got used to it, then he kept doing it, then it got funny again. By the time he’s interviewing the guests with no let-up, it’s hysterical.

Boy, every comic in the country sure hates Leno’s omnipresent guts right now. From Blaine Capatch‘s Facebook: “NBC is brownlighting a series of pilots: Jaysier, To Jay a Predator, Chappelle’s Show starring Jay Leno, Pink Lady and Jay, Jayed by the Bell, My Mother the Car Collection, The Man From Atleno, Diff’rent Jokes, the Huntley-Leno Report, McMillan & Jay, Late Night with David Letterman with Jay Leno, and CHiN. Writers, start your packets!”

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