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Chris Rocks Last Minute Message To White Voters

Remember: Chris Rock is a comedian. No matter who you intend on voting for on Tuesday, you should be able to laugh when something is funny! Chris Rock appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live from Brooklyn with a special message aimed at white voters. The comedian says if you’re looking for a white candidate to vote […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Cancels Brooklyn Taping Due To Hurricane Sandy

Jimmy Kimmel took his late night show to Brooklyn for the week, but has been forced to cancel tonight’s taping due to the threat of Hurricane Sandy. ABC released an official statement which read, “We are hopeful to be back on the air tomorrow night with Howard Stern, Tracy Morgan and Sharon Jones and the Dap […]

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant… For New Commercial

Typically, Jennifer Aniston’s ads for Smartwater include sexy photo shoots, and viral videos to help market the brand.  This time she spoofs some of the gossip surrounding her personal life. Aniston reveals in the new viral video that she is “pregnant,” and scolds her son, who is played by Jimmy Kimmel. She also reveals a […]

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David Arquette Gets New Wonder Woman Ink

David Arquette showed up fashionably late to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show on Thursday because his new tattoo took longer than expected to complete. Arquette shared the image with the host, a huge scene from a Wonder Woman comic that takes up much of his side due to the detail. Arquette also revealed […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Tweets After Evacuation Scare on Small Polynesian Island

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t plan on a vacation like this! While vacationing on an island on French Polynesia, Kimmel felt the effects of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that stuck Japan on Friday first hand. His first tweet went like this: Suddenly, relaxing on an island in the South Pacific isn’t so […]

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Jersey Shore Vamps it Up on Kimmel

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the cast of Jersey Shore re-enact Twilight on the Jimmy Kimmel Live  Eclipse special that aired last night. Check out ‘Friggin’ Twilight’ Friggin’ hilarious!

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Miley Cyrus: Chicken Thief

What’s the penalty for stealing for a minor in California? It’s time to make an example out of Miley Cyrus! While appearing on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote her new movie, The Last Song, Miley told Jimmy a story about her, Billy Ray Cyrus, and brother Braison once stole chickens […]

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Kimmel Continues to Kill it in Late Night

Shout to Chris Hardwick at Nerdist for directing my attention to this great monologue from Jimmy Kimmel. As Chris notes, Kimmel’s been the bright spot in the late night apocalypse, having hosted his whole show as Jay, then annihilating Jay on his own show, and now this lovely little monologue in response to Jay’s Oprah […]

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Jimmy Kimmel’s On Fire When It Comes to Calling Out Leno

When we last checked in with Jimmy Kimmel, he hosted his entire show as Jay Leno and it was really funny. The stunt earned him an invite on the “10 at 10” segment of the canceled Jay Leno Show, in which celebs guests answer ten questions via satellite with a two second delay, like they’re […]

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OK, Fine, Jimmy Kimmel Was Really Funny Last Night

Comedy is commitment. Jimmy Kimmel hosted his entire show as Jay Leno last night. It started out funny, then you got used to it, then he kept doing it, then it got funny again. By the time he’s interviewing the guests with no let-up, it’s hysterical. Boy, every comic in the country sure hates Leno’s […]

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