Jennie Garth to Exit 90210 to be Stay at Home Mom


Not so good news for a show that’s doing not so good in the ratings these days.

Jennie Garth will be quitting The CW’s 90210 re-vamp according to husband Peter Francinelli, so that she can stay home and devote more time to their daughters.

He says in a recent interview; “She’s just not doing it anymore. It was one of those things where she was supposed to do a couple of episodes, it went a bit longer and now she’s moving on. She enjoys being a mother, and being at home. She wants to write more and I support her 100 per cent. She doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to.”

Garth played Kelly Taylor on the original 90210, and was to bring her character back for a few episodes to help people get used to the new characters.  Not to mention she hasn’t done a ton in the past ten years since the show went off the air.

90210’s ratings have been lower as of late. Not that they are in any danger of being canceled, but on a solid decline for sure.  Losing one of your last links to the original series could be the dagger.

Thanks a lot, Jennie Garth’s kids!

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