Diddy Throwing a ‘Super Sweet Sixteen’


MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen will be filming it’s latest episode this Saturday night in NYC, for P. Diddy’s eldest son, Justin.

And for Justin’s sixteenth birthday, Diddy is not sparing a single cent.

According to the New York Post; “The club will be decorated with images from the New York skyline. Diddy will perform with his band, Diddy-Dirty Money, but there will also be some big-name performers taking the stage to surprise Justin. It’s going to be big, but it won’t be as lavish as Diddy’s 40th. Instead of gifts, guests will be asked to make a donation to the Haiti fund.”

On the guest list?  Well Chris Brown, Lil’ Kim, and Snoop Dogg have reportedly been invited, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. as well as Jay-Z and Beyonce are said to be attending as well.

Won’t it be interesting if Jay-Z and Chris Brown must end up in the same spot, and MTV catches it on camera.  It’ll be like an episode of Jersey Shore!

Kind of a raw deal about the presents for a sixteen year old, but he’ll be thankful he helped out in that way later in life.  Plus what could he possibly get that he probably doesn’t already have anyways?

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