EXCLUSIVE!!! Kirstie Alley ‘Phocks’ Her Only Phriends


Fat farm failure Kirstie Alley sure has a way of treating her fans!

The self proclaimed ‘fat actress’ (who’s only had one credited role in the past 3 years I might add) is picking on one of her poor fans over at her new fat kid twitter site, “Phitter.”

Through a Starzlife e-mail we found out that a Kirstie Alley fan by the name of  ‘Hotyoungsexythang21’ posted our EXCLUSIVE photos and suggesting that while Kirstie may be a fraud, she forgives her because she is trying to make herself thinner.

Clearly a Kirstie Alley fan who is just there to talk recipes and fitness, Kirstie became angry with the young lady for posting the link, and “PHOCKED” her.

That’s Kirstie’s (not funny but trying to be funny) way of saying F*ck you.  Get it?  F*ck you =Phock you.

Well here are some more EXCLUSIVE photos of this troll crawling out from under her bridge on a rainy day in Los Angeles.

Treat your PHANS better, Kirstie!

Oh and be sure to check out “Another Fat Farm Failure.” The cover story on this weeks National Enquirer!



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