Topher Grace Isn’t Cool Enough to Do Drugs Intentionally


During an appearance on tomorrow’s Lopez Tonight (check your local listings…to see what else is on) Topher Grace discusses his unwitting brush with mind-altering substances:

Grace…shared his trippy experience after accepting what appeared to be a breath strip from a female partygoer – only to find out, a few minutes too late, that it was something much stronger. Grace said that soon after taking the substance, he asked a friend: “Is there lava coming out of the back of my head? My friend said, ‘Are you okay?’ and I said ‘No, I think I’m fine, but I can touch colors, should I get naked?’

For those poor souls who don’t live in a medical marijuana state and have never patronized a dispensary: we have access to a wealth of ingestible, smoke-free, “medicated” products, including lollipops, ice cream, skin cream, soda, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate bars. One time I walked into a dispensary and they were giving out samples of medicated General Tso’s chicken. I am not kidding. I sweat to God that happened. We also have breath strips, but what Topher’s describing here sounds like acid. He’s probably exaggerating to make his story more interesting, but homeboy, if you have the connect for real ‘cid, you gotta hook a gossip blogger up. That stuff is near-impossible to score nowadays. Thank God I bought a sheet in high school when I had the chance. Memories, man. I have so few.

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