It’s National Margarita Day


Apparently, it doesn’t take much to be able to declare any certain day as “National ______ day,”  because today is National Margarita Day!

NMD takes place each year on February 22, which unfortunately this year is a Monday.  Nobody wants to drink on Mondays!  It’s like the typical first day of from the Thursday-Sunday binge.  Expect less than impressive numbers this year.

They have all this good info on The Food Channel’s website though, including the fact that on average, Americans consume 185,000 Margaritas per hour.  That’s almost 4.5 million margaritas per day!

Now a history lesson:

The original Margarita was invented in 1948 by socialite Margarita Sames. According to the legend it was during a party at her cliffside hacienda in Acapulco that Margarita began experimenting with “the drink”. Looking for something to cut the dust of a hot afternoon, she mixed Tequila Herradura, Cointreau and fresh lime juice. Her cocktail kept the party going for two weeks and today the Margarita is the #1 most popular cocktail in the U.S.

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