RuPaul Honored in Black History Month Parade


See?! This is a perfect example of why I don’t think we should have a Black History Month to begin with!

If you ever say, “Black History Month? When’s White History Month?” you are guaranteed to be answered with, “EVERY MONTH is White History Month.” Well, if that’s true, let’s actually start calling them that. Let’s start calling every other month “White History Month” and see how silly it sounds. The only reason we don’t register the phrase “Black History Month” as weird-sounding is because we’ve become so inured to it. How does “Vietnamese Appreciation Fortnight” sound to you? Do you think maybe we shouldn’t bother with “Vietnamese Appreciation Fortnight”? RACIST!!!

Three white Los Angeles elementary school teachers have been suspended for giving children pictures of O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul to carry in a Black History Month parade last week, the Associated Press reports. African Americans want the school district to fire the men.

Yeah, and I bet RuPaul wants them promoted. Maybe instead of marching in a Black History Month parade, the elementary school kids should be learning to read. Or at least type. YouTube comments are getting more unreadable each day.

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