Ochocinco Talks Running Nude, DWTS Training


New Dancing With the Stars contestant Chad Ochocinco may have found himself a nude scandal, but probably not.

This morning, this video of Ochocinco jogging through the woods naked surfaced to the internet.   When people started inquiring to him on his twitter page, his responses were like this;

“whats wrong with running naked in the woods? at least i dont have a sex tape out, i think #damnwheresthattape”

Many speculate that it’s simply another edition of Reeboks new viral campaign, like the video of UFC champ Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend appeared in a nude workout video.

Ochocinco has begun his training for Dancing With the Stars by waking up early this morning and tweeting to his dancing partner Cheryl Burke; “wake up, i am ready for my 4 hour session of being great, lets go, i got my wedges on<–i got to wear wedges, WTF!”

Burke’s response; I’m ready!! Get used to those heels. They are going to be your new bffs!!”

Have you seen the HOT HOT HOT photos of Cheryl Burke in Sports Illustrated yet? If not, click here!

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