E-Trade Commercial Documents: Proof According to Dina


The one known only as “Lindsay” is at it again!   New details garbage have emerged in the E-Trade lawsuit case.

The New York Post has obtained documents and notes from The Grey Group, pitching the idea for the E-trade commercial.

In the documents, it shows that the baby was originally named “Deborah”

But during edits, Deborah was crossed out and replaced by “Lindsay” (Now proven to be the version with “A”, but remember there are more Lindsays in the US than Lindseys)

The term of “milkaholic” was also chosen from a list that included “gutter hound,” “fish face,” “rug burn,” and “skanky cake.”  The company obviously chose “milkaholic” as this was the most friendly to air during the superbowl.

Lindsay’s mother Dina is speaking out again over these new findings, and still dumb as a stump.  She says; “We think it’s obvious. [The notes are] horrific. This just proves our point. Oh my goodness, I can’t even read this, it’s so disgusting.”

Wouldn’t that translate to: “See, the ad is about my  gutter hound, fish faced, milkaholic,  skanky cake rug burn of a daughter, Lindsay.”

I’ve never heard Lindsay Lohan called one of those things before!

I know one thing is for sure, it’s good they changed it from Deborah to Lindsay, because Deborah Messing would have sued them for $200,000,000 dollars!

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