John Mayer Sweetin’s Fan’s Sixteenth With a Kiss


I watched this entire video in anticipation of John Mayer pulling the ultimate creep move and kissing this sixteen-year-old girl on the lips, to which *spoiler alert* he didn’t.

However it is probably one of the most entertaining things John Mayer has ever done.

A girl at his recent concert apparently held up a sign that said something like “it’s my sweet sixteen, never been kissed, be my first.”   John invited the girl on stage, and sang her a special birthday song that he just made up on the whim.

The song was actually pretty funny, so credit where credit is due, Mayer.  Towards the end, he leans in and plants a harmless one on her cheek.

The best part has to be when she thanks him, and literally will not let go of his arms.   It almost seems as if he has to rip them away!

Check it out.

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