Jesse James and This Hoe Met on Myspace: ‘A Place For Friends’


The details of this Jesse James story just keep getting more and more entertaining!

Now that Michelle “Bombshell” “Nazi” McGee has collected her $30,000 for her tell all, and Jesse James has had to face the music with a public apology to Sandra Bullock, it’s time for the rest of the leeches to come forward and try to get their names out there as well, right?

One of McGee’s former roommates has surfaced, with the story of how Michelle and Jesse met.  On Myspace!

Lindsey Sinai reveals to E!;

“Their relationship was more like a friendship. Nothing was ever said about a future. Once she did realize [Bullock and James] were together, there was a lot of regret there. [McGee] friend-requested Jesse James [on MySpace] and he started writing her out of the blue. [Michelle] was like, ‘Oh my God, Jesse James is writing me. Oh my God, Jesse James is calling me.’ He said he wanted to hang out with her. She ended up driving up to the garage.

Right away he started texting, calling. It was just an on-and-off thing for quite sometime. It wasn’t like an ongoing affair, not in a physical sense, the entire time. He’s a biker, tattooed bad-boy. That’s what she likes. Him and Sandra they don’t really fit. She’s way too good for him.”

So why come forward now?   Strapped for cash?  Was it worth breaking up a marriage?
The friend is right though.  Sandra is too good for him!
And while we’re on the subject?   Who gave this girl the nickname “Bombshell?”  After looking at a gallery of photos of her, whoever told her she was a bombshell is a liar!  A forehead tattoo? Seriously?
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