Jesse James New Mistress Revealed!


Things just keep getting worse for Jesse James! Including the quality of his mistresses!

Starzlife first told you last Friday that another woman would be coming forward about her relationship with James, and she did!

This hooker trash has just came forward with her own story of her relationship with Sandra Bullock’s husband, and why not?  If Bombshell McGross  can cash in on the situation the rest of them might as well too, right?

Melissa Smith is sharing the details of her two-year-relationship with James to Star Magazine, where she claims the pair also met on Myspace.

After posting photos of herself posing along side of a car at James’ West Coast Choppers to her Myspace page, the stripper claims; “I got a message from this guy saying, ‘Nice car…that’s my godfather’s.’ After a few exchanges, he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his e-mail address with the name Vanilla Gorilla,”

Smith made the trip out to California to meet James, where the two chatted in his office and admired the artwork on his walls.  She continues; “I said, ‘Well, I guess I should get going,’ and he said, ‘You don’t have to,’ and moved his chair closer to me and started rubbing my leg. We ended up having sex on his couch.”

Time for Sandra to pack it up!!! Remember Sandra, this guy can’t give you Tiger Woods money.  It’s not worth sticking around for!!

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