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Brett Favre Makes Tiger Look Like a Kitty?

It’s shocking/not shocking at the same time, but according to a source close to Kikster.com, Brett Favre has a black book of mistresses that would make Tiger Woods look like a model husband! A high profile celebs attorney told the source: “I have been approached by numerous females claiming that they have had affairs with […]

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Second David Beckham Hooker Comes Forward

Because every girl hates to see their BFF get all the attention… Another hooker has come forward in the David Beckham scandal. Perhaps she didn’t read the report he’s taking legal action against the first claim, but maybe that’s why she opted to remain anonymous, just to test the waters. The girl tells inTouch Magazine […]

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Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress Digging a Hole…To China

This Brittney Jones girl just keeps digging herself deeper, and deeper. The affair story was a 50/50 toss up.  The fact that one of her friends came out and said she was obsessed with Ashton swayed it in his direction 60/40.  Then there was the report of text messages between the two, which if verified […]

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Charlie Sheen Responds to Moustache Mistress

Charlie Sheen is speaking out about the allegations of  being the latest mistress haver, by saying it was all a joke! inTouch Weekly, on news stands now, is claiming that Charlie has been cheating on wife, Brooke Mueller, with a $3,000 per hour call girl, during breaks from rehab. Photos surfaced of Sheen wearing the […]

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Jesse James Following the Tiger Plan, Checks into Sex Rehab

Just because it may have saved Tiger’s marriage, it doesn’t mean sex rehab will save the marriage of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. James, who is the latest (semi) celeb with a rising mistress count has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility in Tuscon, Arizona according to his rep. “Jesse checked himself into a treatment […]

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Jesse James 4th Mistress (Kinda) Speaks

And then there were 4…sorta. Jesse James 4th mistress has come forward by way of a representative, not sure if she’s willing to give up her story just yet. AKA: The price isn’t right yet, but the offer is on the table. Naturally, #4 has hired Gloria Allred for the job, and Allred released the […]

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Third James Mistress Comes Forward

This is panning out exactly like Tiger Woods, only WAY less interesting. A third mistress has came forward, claiming to have slept with serial cheater Jesse James, while he was married to Sandra Bullock. Los Angeles based photographer Brigitte Daguerre is claiming that she and James had exchanged emails and texts for a year and […]

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Jesse James New Mistress Revealed!

Things just keep getting worse for Jesse James! Including the quality of his mistresses! Starzlife first told you last Friday that another woman would be coming forward about her relationship with James, and she did! This hooker trash has just came forward with her own story of her relationship with Sandra Bullock’s husband, and why […]

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Mistress # 11 Leaks Tigers “Sexts”

Fame whore porn star, Joslyn James, who was Tiger Woods mistress #11 to come forward has launched a website to display Tigers “sexts.” SextingJoslynJames.com launched this morning and features a long list of messages the golfer sent to her during the course of their relationship. The validity is certainly questionable, because who really saves years […]

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