Sarah Palin’s Alaska Coming to TLC


Now that the Gosselins are out, the Palins are in.

Producer Mark Burnett will film an 8 part documentary series starring Sarah Palin, where the former Alaska Governor will take us on a journey through some of Alaska’s unique features.

Discovery Networks, which owns TLC reportedly beat out A&E in a bidding war for the rights.  Wonder how much it went for?

No official premiere date has been given.

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One Response to Sarah Palin’s Alaska Coming to TLC

  1. April 1, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    It’s so ironic, with so many great people who love the environment, and live the life, talk the talk, and walk the walk, that TLC is going to air Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Sarah Palin is not an environmentalist, and has a terrible track record protecting and preserving Alaska, her natural resources, and all the beautiful wildlife that hang in the balance .Have we forgotten about her big plan for her Alaskan oil pipeline. To portray her as one of Alaska’s own makes me shudder, especially considering she abandoned her state with little or no notice, leaving her elected position without finishing the job. She also left Alaska in financial ruin. Sarah Palin sold out for money, and now she is going to be rewarded for doing it. I love TLC and the type of quality television you can find there. I am surprised they would take such a big risk with their viewers, who are mostly green and the opposite of Sarah Palin. I won’t be tuning in, along with millions of others, who feel the same way.

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