Charlie Sheen: Should I $tay or Should I Go?


Millions of hearts across America broke yesterday when a report surfaced that the April 9th taping of the CBS hit series, Two-and-a-half men, would be Charlie Sheen’s last on the show.

With all he’s been going through with his marriage, the charges, the rehab, a source close to the actor explained that it was 100% his decision to move on, and he was ready to do just that.

Breathe easy America there is still hope!

Sources close to the show are laughing at those reports, claiming that it’s just a little bit of money games being played by both parties.

Sheen currently makes $825,000 per episode of the show, making him the highest paid actor on television.¬† Warner Bros. is reportedly going to offer him 1 million for the next season, but the source claims that he’s going to ask for $1.5 an episode.

Warner Bros. would be fools not to take that, as two-and-a-half men will be raking in the bucks in syndication for the next 10+ years, so Charlie’s likely got them where he wants them.

Would you guys still watch Two and a half  sans Sheen?

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