Jon Gosselin’s New Digs, More Money Problems than Just Child Support


Jon Gosselin has reportedly gotten his own place again!

Since breaking up with girlfriend Morgan Christie, and moving from her place to his brothers place, sources are reporting that Jon signed the lease on a new apartment near he and Kate’s Reading, PA home, where she currently resides with their 8 children.

Jon is currently seeking custody, and permission to live in Kate’s guest house while she is on Dancing With the Stars, but doesn’t seem to be having such luck.

Kate’s lawyer has been slamming Jon back, proclaiming that he needs to be paying child support, regardless of how much money she is making.  Basically telling him to get a job!

He might need two jobs too, if the claims from ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman are in deed true!

Glassman is taking to her twitter page again claiming that Jon owes her $200,000 and that she’s about to seek legal action for it.  She tweets;

“Hey Stubby I hope u own ur new place in PA so I can put a Lien on ur property until u pay me back.Seriously, This is redic already.U really want this to be a big messy lawsuit like all ur others?!I don’t want that but I want my $$ u promised n signed 2 pay back!I know u JonTheCon.”

We reached out to Glassman, to see if she’d been voting for Kate on Dancing With the Stars, duh!  She must have not thought it was very funny, as she declined comment.

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