It’s Tax Day! Who’s in Trouble With Uncle Sam?


It’s tax day 2010. Have you filed and paid?   Well there are a lot of celebs who have not!

Who owes the Gov’t big time?

How about California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? Arnold had a lein filed against him last year in the sum of $79,000!  From un-paid taxes dating back to 2004.  Hopefully he’s paid them all of by now.

Someone who definitely owes is current Dancing With the Stars contestant and former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. Pam had a lein filed against her for $493,000 in delinquent taxes that was reported just last week.

And the one who should just run run run as fast as he can?  Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis.   Joe owes $33,800,000 in back taxes.  He’s been in and out of jail for this type of thing in the past, but the fact he’s not there right now is crazy to us!  The fact that he made enough money to owe $33,800,000 off of girls lifting up their shirts on camera is even crazier to us!

Want to see what other celebs like Floyd “money” Mayweather, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Sinbad, and more owe?

Check out 100 Celebrities with back tax problems here.

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