Baseball Coach Admits to Sleeping With Mrs. King


It looks as if  Larry King’s kid’s baseball coach is having some regrets and on team Larry now.

When news of the King divorce broke, it was revealed that Hector Pinate  had an affair with King’s wife, Shawn Southwick last September.

At first he came forward to say some “mistakes” were made, but now he’s admitting to Entertainment tonight (airs on Wednesday) that it started with one kiss, but turned into a full blown affair.

Not only is Pinate admitting his Shawn’s wrong-doings, but he’s also spilling the deets.

The man claims that Southwick “talked about divorcing Larry all of the time” and would say things like “don’t worry, he’s going to die soon.”

Larry and Shawn are reportedly taking a two-week break on their divorce to try and sort things out, but these type of things won’t do their marriage any favors.  However, they could help Larry out in court, big time!

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