Heidi Living in Spencer’s Own Filth

Wait, you mean The Hills is fake? (For the millionth time)

What’s the point of even trying to hide it now!

While the past two seasons of the show have shown Spencer and Heidi living in a lavish Hollywood Hills home, the truth is, they live in the Pacific Palisades.

A source  tells Life & Style the Pratt home is “unsafe and unkempt” Explaining; “The living room is filled with Spencer’s mess, which Heidi often has to clean up.”

Reportedly, Spencer has the walls lined with crystals so the “bad spirits” can’t get in, and he hasn’t left the house in nearly three months and has been locked up in the house with their new roomate.

Apparently, the Pratts have invited a former Marine to live in their guest bedroom.

Spencer tells the mag; “It’s true, I do have a Marine in the house. He’s helping me write a script. And yes, we’ve been out of the house only three times this month, but that’s because I’m busy working on several business ventures.”

Crazier every day these two!   So that means they haven’t filmed The Hills in three months.

But hey, at least Spencer is writing a movie!  Surely that will be a hit!

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