RIP American Idol: Our Thoughts On the Finale

American Idol may have died last night, but at it did find out a way to go out on a high note.

Yes, we know the show is coming back for another season, and people will still watch it, but lets face it, even with an amazing  top 12, it’s still Simon’s show.  It’s going to be different, not as good, and as they did this year, the ratings will continue to slip.

Also they are going to allow for people to audition via Myspace for the upcoming season, so get ready for a whole lot of annoying requests from your friends on the social networks to get them to Hollywood week.

Idol auditions on Myspace… SO not Cowell.

Anyways to the final.

The show was filled with low-lights, so I’ll note a few.

  • Nobody in the top 10 was that interesting, therefore the group performances were just ‘ehh’.
  • 99% of the talent, were old timers. Wow-factor was missing, as Christina Aguilera was the only thing relevant to the times, and she’s just not who she used to be.
  • Probably the funniest moment, with the only celebrity, Dane Cook’s Simon Says, was ruined by the guy in the fur vest.  If it was planned, it was a horrible idea.  If it was not planned, it’s a shame because that might have been the shows top moment.
  • Janet Jackson either is trying way to hard to sound like Michael Jackson now, or is Michael Jackson.
  • Adam Lambert was nowhere to be seen.  He tweeted that he was not asked to sing, but asked to sit in the audience.  He told them he had “better things to do.”   Sort of love it, not going to lie!”
  • Lee DeWyze winning.  His single is a U2 cover.  Really?   Ask me again in 3 months if I know who Lee DeWyze is.  I’m certain my answer will be “who?”

The highlights?   Of course all of the Simon tributes, Paula’s appearance, and the tribute song from all of the past contestants.  Truly an amazing moment to remember how great the show was over the past ten years.  Watch it below:

General Larry Platt (Featuring William Hung)  Pants on the ground performance.   It was probably THE moment of the entire season when he sang that in the auditions.   Don’t be surprised if some how his career goes further than any of these top 10 contestants, somehow.

Idol’s ratings were down 19% from last years finale, even with Simon’s departure.   If they drop another 19 next year, (we predict 38% decrease) will it be time to hang it up?

Also watch this  reaction video below for a hilarious time!   Wait til Ryan asks Lee “How does it feel to be the American Idol?”  The woman on the video answers for him! lol.

With all that said, see you on The X-Factor in 2011, Simon!   Thanks for the memories!

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