Reason 10292728 Heidi’s New Show is Fake: She’s Moving in With the Shannon Twins

She’s never mentioned them before, nor have they had any reason to be friends, but all of the sudden Heidi Montag is BFFs with Kristina and Karissa Shannon, Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriends?

Heidi Tweeted last night:

“Had an amazing day with one of my new best friends @Kristinashn1! I cant wait for her to move in and have a kick ass summer!!!”

Little fast don’t you think?

But what could be more suspicious than a house full of 4 reality show cast offs, filming a reality show?

Everyone who gets kicked off of The Girls Next Door gets their own show, so of course this has to be all set up by E!

It doesn’t take a detective to smell a rat here…

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