Lindsay Lohan Wanted for Celebs Apprentice

It’s a great idea for ratings, and who knows, maybe it would even clean up her act.

Donald Trump wants Lindsay Lohan for next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Her mom tells People:

“Donald approached Lindsay about being on Celebrity Apprentice, so we’ll see where it goes.  I think it’s a great idea for her, but Lindsay has two movies coming up, so I don’t know if Lindsay has time. It may conflict with her schedule.”

Why does she say “Lindsay” so much?

It may also conflict with the fact that the judge has ordered that she’s not allowed to leave LA under the court orders, which Dina also noted: “She can’t leave L.A., the judge won’t even let Lindsay go to Texas to shoot Machete, so I just don’t know if it’ll work out.”

Wait, does she know Machete is already filmed, and that they were doing a few re-shoots but did not need to re-shoot any of Lindsay’s scenes?

Dina Lohan is clueless to life.   She’s like Michael Lohan only she’s never been to jail.   Every time she talks it was the worst decision she’s made that day.

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