Report: Shawn Southwick OD’d On Purpose!

Breaking news in the Shawn Southwick OD story.  It’s being reported that Shawn over-medicated herself on purpose with the intention of suicide!

TMZ is reporting that according to police reports, two notes were found at Southwick’s bedside, where her father found her unconscious on May 28 and dialed 911.

Shawn had written that she OD’d on purpose, and left instructions that she wanted to be buried in her hometown of Provo, Utah.

Larry King and Shawn Southwick had filed for divorce in April, but were able to get past the problems and keep the family together.   These events would suggest things weren’t so good yet.

Shame on her for doing such a thing with such young boys though!

Larry, get out of there and take the kids with you!

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