Deja Vu For Charlie Sheen’s Car

For the second time in five months, Charlie Sheen’s car has been stolen out of his own driveway.

For the second time in five months, Charlie Sheen’s stolen car has been driven off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills.

Police arrived to Sheen’s home this morning to take a police report after finding his car at the bottom of a cliff, just a few miles from the gated community where it was taken.

When this happened in February, there was no surveillance video taken from the guard booth, the only way out of the property, and a few other cars in the neighborhood had been vandalized.

This time around, police are trying to get their hands on the tape, and no reports of other damages in the neighborhood have been filed.

Charlie was at home both times the cars were taken, and he’s admitted to leaving the keys in both times as well.

An investigation is currently under way.

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