DJ Claims Joel Did NOT Cheat on Nicole

Sources have come forward claiming that they have proof that Joel Madden cheated on his wife-to-be, Nicole Richie, while at a West Palm Beach bar last may.

But a DJ from the club where Joel was partying is sticking up for the Good Charlotte rocker, claiming that the story is 100% false.

Says DJ J.R. Hutter explains:

“Joel was actually talking about his wife and kids the whole time. He even mentioned he was getting married. He was just trying to make sure everyone was having a good time and ordering the drinks. He wasn’t even drinking himself. He was taking pictures with fans. There was nothing crazy or out of the ordinary… A couple of the cocktail waitresses saw the show the next night and hung out with them backstage, but after they didn’t go on their tour bus. They even went to a barbecue before and later hung out on Drake’s bus.”

So Joel is a stand up guy, and these so called “sources” are just looking for a bit of face time.  Hopefully nobody gives it to them.  Remember, being around girls is not a crime.
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