Lamar Odom Talks Baby Names, Wife Still Not Pregnant

With the way Lamar has been talking about babies lately, you know whats going on at the Odom house all night every night.

Lamar and Rob playing video games, duh!

At an event in Hollywood this week Lamar spoke about babies for the second time, telling UsMagazine that he and Khloe already had names picked out.

“Boy, it would be Luke Joseph. The girl is on her,”

Doesn’t he know any names that start with K for girls?  Isn’t that a Kardashian rule? Or did they use them all up already.

As for when he thinks he might be able to get the job done inside his wife?  “As soon as possible” he tells the mag.

We smell another reality show idea someone call Ryan Seacrest!  With all these shows, it actually is getting pretty hard to  keep up with the Kardashians!

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