50 Cent Signs Up as Bone Marrow Donor

50 Cent is urging his fans and friends to join the fight against leukemia by registering to donate bone marrow.

After learning about 11 year old Broadway actress Shannon Tavarez, who played young Nala in The Lion King, was diagnosed with Acute Lukemia in April and is desperate for a marrow transplant, 50 felt the need to hang out.

50 and his G-Unit buddy Tony Yayo have signed up with DKMS, which is the worlds largest donor center, and are urging more and more people to do the same, as it’s hard to find suitable matches for many minorities.

50 explains:

, “My son is just a couple years older than Shannon and I can’t imagine if his life was needlessly cut short when there is someone out there that could save him.

“Shannon’s chances of finding a matching donor are slim because she’s African American and Dominican and minorities are underrepresented in the national registry.

“Everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity deserves a fair chance at life. Registering to become a bone marrow donor starts with a cheek swab but it’s more than that. It’s a commitment to save a life.

We hope they find someone for her!

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