Same Sex Couples May Be Allowed to Marry in California TODAY!

Judge Vaughn Walker will be ruling today whether or not same sex couples in California will be allowed to marry immediately.

The announcement is supposed to come around noon pacific time.

If Judge Walker lifts the stay, it is likely it will be appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. At the 9th Circuit, it would be reviewed by a 3-person panel and their decision could be appealed to the full 9th Circuit and eventually the US Supreme Court. But because the US Supreme Court is not in session until October, the decision about lifting the stay would be appealed to the Justice in charge, which for the 9th Circuit is Justice Kennedy. We are witnessing history and it is crucial that as we continue to move through the courts, we must build support with the court of public opinion and provide a human face to this issue.

Good luck to everyone!
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