Paris Hilton Arrested For Coke in Vegas!

For the second time in a few months Paris Hilton was arrested on drug possession charges!

While in Vegas with her new hero boyfriend Cy Waits, the car Paris was in was pulled over, and when officers searched the car, they found a small amount of coke in Hilton’s purse.

She was taken to jail, and released once she hired Vegas power lawyer David Chesnoff.

Paris’ excuse:  It wasn’t my purse.

(Remember during Lindsay’s court hearing “those weren’t my jeans”)

That cocaine ALWAYS finds a way to sneak into other peoples things!

If you recall, just a couple months ago Paris was in South Africa for the world cup when she was busted for Marijuana.  She was let go there because “the drugs were not hers.”

As always, the great mugshot wait is on!

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