Heidi Pulls Plug on Sex Tape

Looks as if this photo is going to be the closest we get to seeing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag in bed.

Heidi has reportedly pulled the plug on the whole sex tape escapade the two have been conducting in Costa Rica.

Tmz reports: Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch received a letter from Spencer Pratt’s rep that explained: “Heidi’s made it very clear that she is not interested in releasing any tapes” … adding, “It looks like she pulled the kill switch.”

The rep added that Spencer figured it was more worth it to keep his relationship with Heidi than go forward without her, after the revealed she would sick her legal dogs on him if he did.

He’s still claiming the existence of such tapes, just that they will remain in a private collection…for now.

Starzlife spoke with a former Pratt pal EXCLUSIVELY this week to see if he thought there really were any tapes, and the pal told us “There are definitely tapes.  Spencer is the type of guy who would film these intimate times to build up a collection just in case there was ever an opportunity to release them by having them “stolen” ala Pam and Tommy Lee.” As for the opportunity to bring them out now during a “divorce”  our source adds, “whether they are really getting divorced or not, Spencer figured this would be a key time to at least create a buzz for them, now for as long as these two remain relevant, there will still be interest in this tape, he’s loving it.”

The question of Heidi and Spencer will be, what will they think of next.

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