Heidi Montag’s Mother Launches Mommy Blog

Heidi Montag’s mother, Darlene Egelhoff has started her own mommy blog.

Most mommy’s start it when their babies are born, and then give up on it once their kids grow up. Specifically, the terrible twos.

However Mrs. Egelhoff started hers at a strange time, on her youngest son’s last first day of high school.

Metamorphosis of a Mother is a blog about her children, a good place to share stories or memories, but we also think it’s her final “hey look at me” attempt.

Now that The Hills is over, she’s hanging on to what it once was, and apparently trying to reach out to Heidi the only way she’s got left.

Sort of hilarious that the URL is   hillsmom.wordpress.com though…

Heidi are you reading?

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