Pete Wentz Hit Rock Bottom After Fall Out Boy Split

For the first time, Pete Wentz is revealing his emotions after the band that got him where he is today, Fall Out Boy, split up last October.

Pete tells Kerrang Magazine:

“It was so strange. I became this guy in a plaid shirt and grew a depressed guy beard. It was hard to go from every waking hour thinking about (the band) to nothing. It was the thing that drove me to get out of bed and do everything… I was bummed out. I moved to New York with my wife for a little bit and went through a whole range of emotions. I was as rock bottom as you can get.”

The good news is, Pete had a wife and a son to help him get by.  His rock bottom is a little different than lets say, Lindsay Lohan’s rock bottom.

Pete has recently debuted a new band, The Black Cards, while he remains friends with the members of FOB.

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