Joe Jonas Serious About Going Greene

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have finally started going out in public together, which means things are burning heating up!

Though he’s been through a few different young-Hollywood hotties in his day, sources close to the middle Jonas claim this one might be the one!

A friend tells People magazine: “[Joe] is head over heels for [Ashley]. He thinks she is down-to-earth and absolutely beautiful. He hasn’t been this into a girl in a long time,”

All guys say that about new relationships!  BUT, we are rooting for these two.  Mostly because we want them to have the couples nickname of “Mean Joe Greene”

As in, “Mean” Joe Greene, the 4x Superbowl champ who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers for 12 years spanning across the 70s.

Oh, and many blogs are a buzzin’ because Joe has given up on wearing his purity ring.   Then again, who want’s to be pure when you’ve got Ashley Greene at your disposal?

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