The First to Sustain Brain Damage from Transformers 3 Files Suit

When it eventually comes out there will probably be millions that suffer brain damage from watching Transformers 3 but a woman who sustained a head injury on the set of the film has filed the first suit. The family of Gabriela Cedillo, an extra on Transformers 3, has filed a lawsuit on her behalf against Paramount. During filming last month, a broken cable from an elaborate stunt  sliced through the car she was in, striking her on the head.  She was airlifted from the scene in critical condition and received brain surgery the following day.  She is now said to be suffering from a multitude of injuries.

Director Michael Bay is no stranger to this kind of thing, two people were killed on the set of one of his commercials a few years back.  He has also in the past been accused of being responsible for the death of cinema.

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