Lindsay Shaw as a Hot Dog in ‘Smash’

Check out this still from the up and coming movie ‘Smash’ we found while surfing Facebook.  (Yeah, we got “zucked’ in too)

Smash stars one of our favorite new actresses on the scene, Lindsay Shaw, from  ABC Family’s 10 Things I  Hate About You.

Here’s some info on the film, which will be hitting theaters this coming February:

Ally Mash may be 16 years old, but in tennis she’s, like, 50. She puts in more hours on the court than she does off it — her world exists between the carefully painted white lines of Junior Tennis.
Farrell Gambles would rather play tennis on the Wii than in real life. But they don’t give out college scholarships for Wii tennis (at least not yet). Farrell lives in the real world. The one where some day you have to put down the remote and get a job.
As cute as he may be, Farrell barely registers on tennis champion Ally’s radar gun. He’s too slow. Too lazy. Too… unpredictable. She has tournaments to win. She’s going pro soon. She doesn’t have time to mess around with boys and their teenage friends in their teenage world.
But in a twist of fate, or rather a twist of ankle, Ally finds herself with plenty of time. Time to worry about Carolina Cruz, the tennis Chupacabra from South America who was beating Ally when she hurt her ankle. Time to go through her hard-driving former tennis champion Dad’s rehab schedule of physical therapy and psychotherapy and aromatherapy or whatever it is he wants her to do. And time, lots of time, to coach none other than goof-off Farrell Gambles in his quest to qualify for the upcoming Open and secure a college

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