Mariah Carey has gained a stack of weight but not pregnant, yet?

It seems like every time that America’s got talent host  Nick Cannon is interviewed the only subject that comes up is his wife Mariah Carey’s “When is the baby due” topic, recently on being prospective parents he was forced to say: “She’s going to be amazing,” Nick said. “I will be a good dad too, but she’s such a nurturing spirit, she’ll be good.” and talking about how the baby’s room will look “Lots of colors, yeah, I’m pretty sure there’d be some rainbows on the wall.” and pressured about the baby’s name “We’ve been naming our kids since the day we met. I can’t give you that though, you’re trying to get me in trouble with my wife.”

Check out these pictures below of Mariah in 2008 in the Chanel store just before marrying Nick and then a couple of months ago.

With their busy schedule, relaxing at home and being in love with her husband is probably taking priority over starving herself and never ending workouts. Mariah has certianly packed on some pounds but give the girl a break, besides Nick probably likes her with a little extra junk in the trunk.

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  1. October 18, 2010 at 1:06 am #

    She is already pregnant, you fool.

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