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Raggedy-Rachel Bilson Shops Chanel

Just after reuniting with her former boyfriend, Hayden Christensen, we spotted Rachel Bilson out shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills. Nothing like a little immediate future planning scoping out some engagement rings to celebrate a re-kindled romance eh? We kid, but we’re happy Rachel and Hayden are back together.   Looks like she lost a lot […]

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Mariah Carey has gained a stack of weight but not pregnant, yet?

It seems like every time that America’s got talent host  Nick Cannon is interviewed the only subject that comes up is his wife Mariah Carey’s “When is the baby due” topic, recently on being prospective parents he was forced to say: “She’s going to be amazing,” Nick said. “I will be a good dad too, […]

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Did Paris Tweet a Photo of the Bag in Question?

Could Paris Hilton have caused herself another headache on Twitter? Some savy internet sleuths, have dug up this Twitpic that Paris posted on July 15th, showing off  her new Chanel bag. This bag looks strikingly similar to the one that contained the cocaine for Paris’ arrest last weekend, but Paris blamed that on a friend […]

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Lindsay Looking to Accessorize Her SCRAM

We’ve got to give credit when credit is due. Lindsay Lohan may be stuck wearing a SCRAM bracelet, but she’s not afraid to make jokes about it! Lindsay recently tweeted a request for a way to make it a little more fashion forward. “Can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to […]

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Don’t Mess With the Law!

Especially in a high end establishment like Chanel in Beverly Hills! That’s where this shoplifter was apprehended after trying to escape with some fashion freebies this weekend. The perp was arrested on the scene and taken to the police station to explain. Busted!!

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Nicky Hilton’s cellphone is stuck to her head.

Super skinny Nicky Hilton shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills on April 7th  in a very (extra) slimming black outfit.  The twig sized sister of Paris Hilton, who is obviously not looking for a new BFF but perhaps should be, was chatting on her cell phone the entire time she was in the store, even while […]

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