Perez Hilton’s Vow of Change on ‘Ellen’

Perez Hilton appeared on  ‘Ellen’ yesterday to make a vow of change.

Since he’s taken a huge stand in the anti bullying campaign with hope of stopping more gay teens from committing suicide, he’s been facing the backlash of being called a hypocrite, for seven years of celebs bullying.

He explains to DeGeneres that it was a wake-up call, and while he’s still going to remain “sassy” and critical of things on his website, he’s going to stop going too far with the nicknames, and the doodles.

We fully support his anti-bullying cause, but the only thing we find it harder to believe that he’s going to cool it with the nick-names and doodles, is that Ellen DeGeneres has never once went to his website.

C’mon Ellen!

Check out Perez’s full appearance on Ellen below.

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