Exclusive!!! Lindsay Lohan is taking recovery seriously!

After the countless times and many chances, it’s hard to think that Lindsay Lohan will make more than a half ass effort at rehab. You root for her then she let’s you down, taking the public for a ride on the Lohan emotional roller coaster.

A source close to the star tells Starzlife  “She (Lindsay) was always worrying about the next job, not just that, just everything all at once” and now  ” She’s different her mind seems to settling, instead of racing a million miles a second”. ” She’s calmer and  in the moment”.

Well this sounds promising, especially with all the craziness from Dina Lohan and  Michael Lohan that is being reported in the news.

Michael there is no words, (well maybe a few ) but the recent report of Dina shopping a rehab interview, is it really that bad? After all this is the Lohan family business we are talking about, the bills must be huge and where else are they expected to get the money from? Do we expect Lindsay to sit in rehab worrying and then when she gets out go immediately back to the same lifestyle and quickly rush to get a few jobs acting in between her recovery, probation and court appearances. Maybe Dina should start applying at the local Ralph’s to check groceries in the meantime. Surely any kind of pressure isn’t good for Lindsay’s recovery.  Dina Lohan is doing what’s best for her family right now and that is, get some money in. It’s not cheap to be a star in Hollywood and I think we all want Lindsay to get healthy.

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