Christine O’Donnell is after your children!

Delaware senator wanna-babe aka junior sister witch Christine O’Donnel is almost exclusively an adult entertainer and fails to engage younger voters, according to CNN. Her debate with Chris Coons, at the University of Delaware in Newark showed exactly that.

It will take some serious witchcraft to persuade students that Christine O’Donnell will help them to find a job after college or pay sky-high tuition fees in order to get their vote.

All she can offer at the moment are student loans and high interest credit cards that they probably will be paying off till their middle-age crisis, as their parents did.

For those of you kids, who don’t know who Delaware senator wannabe Christine O’Donnell is or haven’t seen her riding a broom on the star studded sky yet, she is Sarah Palin’s younger sister who was played by Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Hocus Pocus’ minus Hollywood diet and fake boobs.

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