X Factor USA, Simon Cowell talent scouts to scour skid row and checkout?

Another one of Simon Cowell’s smash shows X Factor is set to come to the USA soon, you can even sign up to audition online. Paula Abdul and the UK’s Cherly Cole are said to be judges,  it will be entertianing to have Paula’s brand of impaired judgement back on TV.

The difference between American Idol and X Factor is there is no age limit and unlike Idol where the contestants are judged on sheer vocal talent,popularity and fashion sense, the UK’s X Factor version and UK’s ‘Got Talent’ shows seems to factor in a major pity party.

At first glance Susan Boyle looks like they found her on a Park Bench with a brown paper bag, only to find out she has a remarkable voice that made her an international sensation. As details came out about Boyle,  a bullied “simple susie” with learning diffuclties,  never been kissed 60 yr-old  virgin,  who took care of her elderly mother and sang in the church choir,  ratings soared. Thrust into international success, Susan seems unable to handle it, with recent reports that make you think she is on the fast track to crazyville.

Leading this UK season is  Mary Byrne, 50, who is lovingly nick named Tesco Mary after X Factor  found her at the local grocery store ( Tesco) checking groceries.

It has to make you wonder if the USA version of the  show will be waiting outside the mental institution for anybody with a grain of talent to make America’s next star. Maybe next time you see that person pushing a shopping cart down the street, Hollywood will come knocking and you will be kicking yourself that you didn’t get their autograph, when you knew them when.

Will America embrace the popular show as the British seem to have?

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  1. October 18, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    You stupid dim witt, Susan boyle was on England Got talent

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