Lindsay Lohan Escapes Jail, Spending the Rest of 2010 at Betty Ford

Judge Elden Fox has given Lindsay Lohan a huge break!

Even though she was facing up to a year in jail for probation violation, Lindsay Lohan was ordered back to rehab until at least January 3rd, 2011.

The DA in the court room asked for 180 days in county jail, but the Judge was a little sympathetic and thought rehab was the best course of action.

It was Judge Fox’s wish that Lindsay stay in rehab beyond new years day, 2011.

At one point, Fox told Lohan “You are an addict. I hope you understand that.”

Lindsay nodded politely.

It’s a win for Lindsay, but how long until she’s looking for a way out of rehab early, claiming she’s better and has to work?

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